bel1Магистрантка факультета химической технологии и металургии университета Белграда Милена Иванович проходила практику по программе IAESTE  на химическом факультете с 07.08.2017 по 15.09.2017 под руководством профессора кафедры физической химии Савицкой Т.А.  

Master student in Chemical Engineering Faculty of chemical Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrad Milena Jovanovic

How it begins?

When I enrolled chemical engineering on Belgrade State University I heard for many times that other students, who are fourth or fifth year of study, used to go in foreign countries on practice. It was usually by the IAESTE organization and practices were all over the world. I was always interested in working abroad and meeting new people, so this was a great opportunity for my future. In November 2016, while I was on master studies, I applied in IAESTE. I chose Belarus State University in Minsk because I liked the job they were offering. It was about waste water treatment, which was part of my profession. It lasted for a month and a half, from 7th of August  to 15th of September. I needed visa for Belarus and I got it for five days without paying anything.

My journey to Minsk

There were some problems in agency so I finally got my practice in July. It was a little problem to find good flight. Finally, I decided to go by minibus to Budapest airport and have a flight from Budapest to Kiev and from Kiev to Minsk. Of course, there were much better ways but everything was booked till then. When I came to Minsk at about 10 o’clock, two young women were waiting for me. One was PhD student from BSU and another her friend. We went by bus to city center and after that by foot to dormitory. Next day was Friday, and my country mate came for me to bring me to the international office and to the BSU. I met my new colleagues, my mentors and my co-worker, Ruslan. Everything was absolutely great, especially people on university. They wanted to help about everything which was not even connected with my job there. They showed my country mate and me good canteens, immigration center (you are obliging to go there), went with us to buy SIM card, told us about nice towns we should have visited and so on. So, I did all jobs with no problem at all!

What was I actually doing on BSU?

As my professor-mentor said, my co-worker and I were pioneers of this research. The new project was begun, and we had to think about first experiments. The main task was to clean dirty water by adding mixtures of coagulant, flocculant, active carbon and antibacterial tablet and to compare its pH, turbidity and color before and after cleaning. The idea of this researching is to find exact mixture which is capable to treat the water until it gets desirable properties.

We were using two kinds of coagulants for preparing mixtures in various ratios. Our obtained results were put in excel and used for drawing diagrams of turbidity and color. From time to time, we discussed our results with our mentors prof. Tatsiana and prof.  Dzmitry and got advice for next experiments. They were very kind and patient, so I really enjoyed working with them. I am glad because I had wonderful professors who are very supportive, polite and ready to help.

Ruslan and I also had an assist from PhD student Alesia, who has a lot of experience in this area of researching. Her support was very useful and I could rely on her whenever it was necessary. She was teaching me to work on Masterseizer 3000.

I would like to thank all of them on great cooperation! They are fantastic team with enthusiastic spirit, willing to give any kind of support. Even though my practice is finished, I am going to stay in contact with them and continue to work with them.



Travelling around Belarus

We have enough time to see Minsk by foot. Every afternoon I was visiting some part of Minsk. It has a lot of beautiful parks and wide streets with nice buildings. They have many salt and sweet specialties. Generally, food is very good.  

Every weekend Aleksa and I were going in other town by train. They are very comfortable and tickets are not expensive. We had very nice journey at all. We visited Grodno, Gomel, Vitsebsk, Brest, Mir Castle, Nesvizh Castle and  Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park. Sometimes, my roommates were with us, girl from Germany and two girls from South Korea. We did not have any problem on our trips because it was very easy to find everything you need. Towns are beautiful, but no so big.

This travelling was great experience for me and I recommend everyone who has this kind of opportunity to try it. I was having a lot of fun with people I really like and I hope we are going to stay in contact! 


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